Rotatech 2-Stroke Engine Oil

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  • Type Chainsaw Oil
  • Oil Type Two Stroke Oil
  • Oil Viscosity Medium

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Rotatech premium 2 stroke chainsaw oil is a high-quality 2 stroke oil that provides lubrication to the chainsaw engine to reduce friction and to maintain cutting efficiency. This oil is specifically made for 2-stroke engine chainsaws with crankcase compression and it must be mixed with petrol in the correct amount before it can be used. Rotatech prides itself on producing high-quality products for low-cost prices, which is why we provide for thousands of arborists and tree surgeons across the UK. Rotatech 2 stroke oil 1L is ideal for DIY users who only use a chainsaw every so often.
  • Premium 2 stroke oil is designed to lubricate and maintain 2 stroke chainsaw engines
  • Improves cutting performance
  • This oil must be mixed with petrol in the amount to lubricate a 2-stroke engine effectively
  • Used by 1,000’s of professionals
  • Suitable for all chainsaw models

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