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About Rotatech 

We are one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of chainsaw accessories, parts, chipper blades, stump grinding teeth and stump grinder accessories within the UK. We have supplied and given a cutting edge to thousands of tree professionals throughout the UK and beyond by providing the most durable and top-performing chainsaw accessories and parts. Through our excellent services and products, we aim to be the number 1 supplier of chainsaw parts in the UK.

Rotatech products have been manufactured to be durable, with tree surgeons in mind. With over 20 years in the tree cutting industry, we have a large online store featuring a wide range of tree-cutting products and chainsaw accessories.

We also provide an excellent blade sharpening service for tree surgeons. We use the best in-house engineers that we have here at Rotatech to perfectly shape blunt wood chipper blades for every model of chainsaw you could think of.

We aim to combine our state-of-the-art engineering and excellent customer service to provide you with everything you need when it comes to your chainsaw accessories and party. All of our chainsaw accessories and parts have been manufactured to the highest standard and prove to be ideal for tree workers looking for high-performance parts at affordable prices. Exclusive and recommended by professional arborists, Rotatech parts are also compatible with all chainsaws and wood chipper makes.

Chainsaw Chains

Get high-quality chainsaw chain accessories and parts and discover our full range of products. We have tested all of our chains to ensure they are of the best quality, durable and fit for purpose to increase your chainsaws output. You can even customise your chain size to your chainsaw model with our custom chain maker.

Wood Chipper Blades

See our full range of wood chipper blades made from high-quality steel for maximum durability. Each of our blades has been engineered with precision and durability in mind making them the most reliable and cost-effective wood chipper blades on the market.


Explore our chainsaw oil to properly maintain and keep your chainsaw running at its best. Our chainsaw lubricants keep your saw performing smoothly and efficiently and even increase your chainsaw’s life expectancy as it reduces friction and jamming. We have all types of lubricants so you can find the oil that’s best suited to your chainsaw model.

Stump Grinding

Discover our Stump Grinding accessories and parts to replace your blunt and broken stump grinder teeth, bolts and pockets. Our high-quality stump grinding parts and accessories are manufactured to be fast and easy to replace and are compatible with a variety of chainsaw makes and models.     

Chainsaw Bars

Find our strong and durable chainsaw bars that have been designed to fit a large range of chainsaw models and provide maximum cutting performance. The chainsaw bars we provide have also been tested and fine-tuned for better bar and chain workability.  Also if you buy 2 chains with our bars you get delivery for free.

Chainsaw Chain Reels

See how you can make your own durable high-quality custom 100ft chainsaw chain reels. Our reinforced chainsaw chain reels have outstanding sharpness and reliability and work to high cutting performance like our other products. Buying a full reel is also a great way to decrease your chainsaw maintenance costs.

Chainsaw Sprockets 

Explore our high standard and low-cost chainsaw sprockets to ensure your chainsaw is performing to its maximum capability. The chainsaw sprockets we provide fit a wide range of chainsaw models including Husqvarna and Stihl. Rotatechs sprockets are also very easy to maintain and replace.


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