Stump Grinder Pockets

At Rotatech, we supply stump grinding pockets recommended for professional tree surgeons, arborists and forestry workers. Rotatech stump grinder pockets have been vacuum brazed to ensure that they work to high performance and last longer than other products on the market.

stump grinder teeth set

Rotatechs stump grinder pockets are also fast and easy to replace and secure your stump grinder teeth firmly in place, meaning you can work faster and more efficiently.

Whether you need them for general stump grinder use or heavy machinery work, we have the right size pockets for all your stump grinding needs. They are available in 500, 700, 900 and 1100 series unless you go for the heavy-duty stump grinder pockets.

Affordable stump grinder pockets for easy maintenance

Our high-quality stump grinder pockets are also very affordable and easy to maintain, making them perfect for industrial use. You can buy them in bulk to save on costs, and they will last for a long time due to the durability of the materials. 

As well as our pockets, we also have more stump grinding parts and accessories for you to explore! See our stump grinder teeth and stump grinder bolts and get all the stump grinding parts and accessories you need.