Bio-Degradable Chainsaw Oil

Rotatech’s biodegradable chainsaw oil has been specifically formulated to fully lubricate and protect chainsaw chains and bars from wear. It is also perfect for thousands of arborists and tree surgeons across the UK. 

We have also designed our oil to be cost-effective and efficient with its anti-fling properties, ensuring no oil is wasted while cutting and preventing oil from flying off the chain. Therefore, making your oil last for longer.


Rotatech Chainsaw Oil

Our premium biodegradable chainsaw oil has a superior biodegradable viscosity incorporated in its formula. So the biodegradable chainsaw oil we supply improves the stability of your saw, improves its pump ability at low temperatures and reduces consumption. 

We also have biodegradable chainsaw oil suitable for all chainsaw sizes and models including Stihl, Husqvarna and more! So you can find the best biodegradable oil for the job no matter what chainsaw you have.

Cost-effective, high-quality Rotatech lubricants and oils

In addition to our range of biodegradable chainsaw oil, we also supply other lubricants and oils for all types of chainsaws. We supply standard chainsaw oil, 2-stroke engine oil and hydraulic oil as well. See our full guide on chainsaw oil before you buy. So you can get the best oil for the job.