Chainsaw PPE

The chainsaw PPE that we supply provides additional control and protection as the first line of defence against accidental injury for chainsaw operators. Meaning that our chainsaw PPE reduces the risk of a potential hospital trip and allows operators to keep in control of the chainsaw whilst providing grip and comfort.
Rotatech Classic Chainsaw Safety Gloves – Class 0

The Importance of Chainsaw Safety Gear

Chainsaw chains move incredibly fast, reaching speeds of up to 88 FPS (feet per second), and are sharp enough to cut through dense materials. This makes it imperative to have proper PPE for chainsaw that provides maximum safety and grip. Any contact with an active chainsaw chain can result in severe, lifelong injuries, which is why it must be avoided at all costs.

To reduce the risk of chainsaw injuries, operators should consider the following:

  1. Correct Technique: Knowing and practicing the correct technique for using a chainsaw is essential for safety.
  2. Understanding the Chainsaw: Being familiar with how the chainsaw works, its parts, and its safety features is crucial for safe operation.
  3. High-Quality Protective Chainsaw Gear: Investing in high-quality personal protective equipment is a must for every chainsaw operator.

Essential PPE for Chainsaw Users

Chainsaw PPE Gloves: Our Rotatech PPE for chainsaw gloves are designed to provide greater grip and comfort when handling chainsaws while ensuring maximum safety for the user. These gloves are manufactured with durable, cut-resistant material that is also water-resistant to prevent water penetration. Explore our full range of chainsaw PPE gloves.

Chainsaw Chaps or Trousers: Chainsaw chaps or trousers are made with special fibers that jam the chainsaw upon contact, stopping it from cutting through. They are an essential part of chainsaw safety gear and should be worn by all operators.

Chainsaw Helmet: A chainsaw helmet with a face shield and hearing protection is crucial for protecting the head and face from flying debris and noise.

Chainsaw Boots: Special chainsaw boots with steel toe caps and cut-resistant material will protect the feet from accidental contact with the chainsaw and provide better grip on uneven surfaces.

Chainsaw Jacket: A chainsaw jacket made of cut-resistant material will protect the upper body from cuts and debris.

Operating a chainsaw carries inherent risks, but with the correct technique, understanding of the equipment, and high-quality chainsaw safety gear, these risks can be significantly reduced. Investing in proper chainsaw PPE is not only a smart decision but a necessary one for every chainsaw operator. Remember, safety should always be the top priority. Explore our full range of safety gear for chainsaw to ensure maximum safety and comfort while operating a chainsaw.