Rotatech Biodegradable Chainsaw Bar & Chain Oil

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  • Type Chainsaw Oil
  • Oil Type Bio-Degradable Chainsaw Oil
  • Oil Viscosity Medium

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Rotatech biodegradable chainsaw oil is a premium chainsaw oil designed to lubricate & protect chains and cutter bars against wear. Rotatech oil has anti fling properties to prevent oil from flinging off the chain and being wasted. Rotatech biodegradable chainsaw oil incorporates a superior biodegradable viscosity so that it has improved product stability, improved pump ability at low temperatures and reduced consumption. 1L oil is the ideal option for smaller gardening and landscaping jobs.

Designed to lubricate and protect chainsaw bars and chains from wearing down:

  • Viscous tacky chainsaw oil with anti fling properties
  • Reduced consumption, Improved product stability
  • Improved pump ability at low temperatures
  • Suitable for Husqvarna, Stihl and other chainsaw models

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