Hydraulic Oil

We supply premium quality hydraulic oil for professional tree surgeons, arborists and forestry workers. Our high-grade hydraulic oils provide excellent protection against wear for heavy-duty machines to ensure they are properly maintained and protected during use. 


Our hydraulic oil is perfect for heavy-duty machineries like stump grinders, wood chippers and log splitters. It’s important to maintain heavy-duty machinery, by keeping them properly oiled and lubricated, ensuring that they work to their optimum performance.

The hydraulic oil we produce is also cost-effective as it helps to keep your machinery from wearing too much. Reducing the need to replace your oil on a regular basis. The oil is also formulated to maintain a constant viscosity regardless of temperature.  

Our hydraulic oil has also been specifically manufactured to protect your machines from rusting, corroding and oxidising. Therefore, our hydraulic oil is the perfect solution for maintaining heavy machinery while reducing your costs.

More oils and lubricants from Rotatech

As well as our range of hydraulic oil, we also supply other lubricants and oils for all types of chainsaws. We also supply standard chainsaw oil2-stroke engine oil and biodegradable oil. Also, see our guide on chainsaw oil before you buy. So you can get the best oil for the job.