Stump Grinder Teeth

At Rotatech, we supply stump grinding teeth recommended for professional tree surgeons, arborists and forestry workers. Tree stumps should be ground down a few inches below the surface after a tree has been felled as part of tree management. 

stump grinder teeth set

If the stump grinding teeth on your existing machine have become blunt and aren’t cutting efficiently, it is time to replace them. We produce high-performance stump grinding teeth to fit a variety of stump grinders, including Rayco, Vermeer, Greenteeth and more. 

Each component is engineered with precision and accuracy to give them unique properties that make stump grinding blades so effective at removing tough stumps.

Effective stump removal

Stump teeth go through an advanced process that increases their toughness and strength resulting in more effective stump removal and cutting. All our stump grinder teeth are reliable and can be used multiple times before needing to be replaced. 

The durability of our stump grinder teeth is what makes them so unique, as they perform consistently for the duration of their use. For professionals in the forestry and arboriculture industry there are different types of stump-grinding machines, but stump grinding teeth are one of the most important aspects of the equipment’s operation.

More Stump Grinding Accessories

There is a wide range of stump grinder parts available, including those for brands Predator and Rayco as well as stump grinder pockets, bolts and more.

If you want to explore all the stump grinding parts that we have available, check out our stump grinding page.