Chainsaw Oil

Rotatech provides a range of premium chainsaw oil, available in a range of sizes from 1L up to 1000L.  

Working efficiently for longer with less maintenance time, Rotatech chain oil for chainsaws provides a smooth and effective finish that can improve the overall cutting performance of your chainsaw.


Buy now for some of the cheapest prices in the UK. This is without compromising on quality. Rotatech is universal and suitable for all chainsaw models, perfect for arborists and tree surgeons alike. They also have a similar shelf life to the leading brands.

Is chainsaw chain oil the same as motor oil?

Chainsaw oil is more viscous than other oils, such as motor or vegetable. Although these oils have a history of use with arborists as a means of lubricating a chainsaw bar, neither of them is truly fit for purpose. 

The Rotatech brand is specifically designed to stick to the bar of your chainsaw as it operates at high speeds. The viscosity is what allows the bar to operate for longer without issue and provides anti-fling properties. You may also risk voiding the warranty of your chainsaw by using unapproved oils for lubrication.

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