Rotatech Bio-Degradable Chainsaw Oil 205L

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  • Type Chainsaw Oil
  • Oil Size 205 L
  • Oil Type Bio-Degradable Chainsaw Oil
  • Oil Viscosity Medium
  • Code RBDO205L

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Rotatech biodegradable chainsaw oil is a premium chainsaw oil designed to lubricate & protect chains and cutter bars against wear. Rotatech oil has anti fling properties to prevent oil from flinging off the chain and being wasted. Rotatech biodegradable chainsaw oil incorporates a superior biodegradable viscosity so that it has improved product stability, improved pump ability at low temperatures and reduced consumption. Rotatech prides itself on producing high-quality products for low-cost prices, which is why we provide for thousands of arborists and tree surgeons across the UK.
  • Designed to lubricate and protect chainsaw bars and chains from wearing down
  • Viscous tacky chainsaw oil with anti fling properties
  • Reduced consumption Improved product stability
  • Improved pump ability at low temperatures
  • Suitable for Husqvarna, Stihl and other chainsaw models

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