Custom Chain Maker

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Custom Chainsaw Chains

In addition to our chainsaw chains and chainsaw chain reels, we also supply custom chainsaw chains. All our custom chainsaw chains perform well, wear consistently and retain their integrity over time.

We design our premium custom chainsaw chains in collaboration with arboriculture and tree cutting professionals. All our custom chainsaw chains are tested and fully developed, ensuring you achieve the best results.

We have hundreds of custom chainsaw chains available, so you can always find the best chain for the job, regardless of the make or model of your chainsaw. All our custom chainsaw chains are manufactured to provide maximum performance, accuracy, and efficiency for the best cut.

Find the Right Custom Chainsaw Chain for You

It’s simple and easy to find the custom chainsaw chains that best fit your make and model. You can do this through our custom chain maker. Just select the make and model of your chainsaw, then input the gauge, pitch, and the number of drive links.

Search based on your performance requirements, then explore all the options for your search. You can even filter by price!

If you want to double-check the pitch and gauge of your custom chainsaw chain, see our handy chain adviser tool.

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