Chainsaw PPE

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Chainsaw PPE

The chainsaw PPE that we supply provides additional control and protection as the first line of defence against accidental injury for chainsaw operators. Meaning that our chainsaw PPE reduces the risk of a potential hospital trip and allows operators to keep in control of the chainsaw whilst providing grip and comfort.

Chainsaw chains move incredibly fast at 88 FPS (feet per second) and are sharp enough to cut through dense materials, so it’s essential to have the proper chainsaw PPE that provides maximum safety and grip. Contact with the chainsaw chain, whilst it is on, can result in serious lifelong injuries and should be avoided at all costs.

There are 3 things chainsaw operators should keep in mind to reduce the risk of chainsaw injury. 

– Correct technique

– Knowing exactly how your chainsaw works

– High-quality chainsaw PPE (personal protective equipment)

What can you expect from our chainsaw PPE?

At Rotatech we offer premium chainsaw PPE protection which is ideal for both professional tree surgeons and people doing DIY in their own garden. The chainsaw PPE we have available is manufactured using high quality materials to the highest standard of governmental safety regulations, integrated with the best protective technology and materials. Our chainsaw PPE helps to keep you in control of your chainsaw and is the key to minimising risks while carrying out jobs, both heavy and menial.

Chainsaw PPE gloves

Rotatech chainsaw PPE gloves provide users with greater grip and comfort when handling chainsaws, whilst still providing maximum safety for the user. We manufacture our chainsaw gloves with durable cut-resistant material which is also water-resistant to avoid any water penetration.

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