Chainsaw Parts

We provide a wide range of durable, high-quality and reliable chainsaw parts for a range of brands including Stihl and Husquava. Our online store has everything you could need including chains, chainsaw bars, chain reels and more. All of our products have been designed and manufactured to bring you the best cutting performance.

Fast and free delivery is also available with all eligible products so you don’t have to wait long for the parts you need. Browse our full range of spare parts recommended for DIYers and tree professionals.

Chain adjuster

You need to ensure that when you put a new chain onto your chainsaw that you use a chain adviser. Our chainsaw chain adviser will help to measure the effectiveness of the chain and if it has the necessary pitch and gauge for your particular chainsaw brand.

Chainsaw bars

We offer a variety of durable chainsaw bars made to fit most chainsaw models, to make cutting easier and more efficient. The lightweight and robust chainsaw bars also perform well in sandy and sooty conditions.

Our chainsaw bars are perfect for DIYers, landscapers, and arborists. They have been designed to offer maximum performance and are already being used by thousands of professionals. The chainsaw bars have also been rigorously tested by industry professionals, to ensure we produce high-quality and durable chainsaw bars.

Explore our range and find out how you can get free express shipping when you shop online.

Chainsaw chain reels

When it comes to making your own chains, we provide chainsaw chain reels customisable to your required size for your chainsaw model. Rotatech is a chainsaw chain reel manufacturer that offers high-quality chainsaw chain reels. They contain up to 100ft of durable high-grade steel chain.

Our chainsaw chain reels are also ideal for professionals who want to stock up on chains without the extra maintenance cost. The chain reels we manufacture have the same quality and durability as our other ready-made chains. This ensures reliability and a long useful life for your chainsaw chain.

Chainsaw chains

Rotatech chainsaw chains have been designed, manufactured and tested to provide the maximum quality and performance for cutting. We have designed our chains with multiple makes and models of chainsaws in mind. These include brands like Husqvarna, Echo, Stihl and more.

We want to ensure that you can always find a perfect fitting chain for your chainsaw. The high-grade materials and the high resistance of our chainsaw chains can reduce maintenance costs. Explore our full range of chainsaw chains.

Chainsaw sharpening tools

In our chainsaw sharpening tools range, we have a wide variety of chainsaw files and chainsaw file handles. All of our chainsaw files come in packs of 3 and 12 in a variety of different sizes for every chainsaw. Stock up on files to sharpen your chainsaw, even while out in the field. View our full range of chainsaw sharpening tools.

Chainsaw sprockets

Chainsaw sprockets are a critical part and key to the performance and capability of your chainsaw. Sprockets can cause performance issues if not properly maintained and replaced.

You should make sure your chainsaw sprockets are maintained like your chain and guide bar to keep your chainsaw running efficiently. We provide a wide range of chainsaw sprockets that have been designed to maximise the capability and performance of your chainsaw.

Sprockets are easy to replace, low cost and fit a wide range of chainsaw models.

Custom Chain Maker

Along with our range of chainsaw chains and chain reels, we also offer a wide variety of customised chainsaw chains with our custom chain maker. Here, you can select your chainsaw make and model, the gauge and pitch you need and the number of drive links.

Chainsaw chains in our custom chain maker have also been developed and manufactured to provide you with high-quality and durable chainsaw chains. Improve your chainsaw performance and explore our custom chain maker.

Firewood Processing Chains

We provide a large range of firewood processing chains in multiple sizes, that have been specifically designed to optimise your cutting. Much like the other chainsaw spares and chains in our range, our firewood processing chains consistently wear and improve the performance and integrity of your chainsaw. This helps to provide the user with a smooth, easy cut when working with soft material. They have also been tested by our professionals to ensure they help increase the output of your chainsaw. See our full range of firewood processing chains.