The Importance of Tree Stump Removal – 6 Main Reasons

The Importance of Tree Stump Removal – 6 Main Reasons

Tree Stump Removal 

Tree stump removal comes into play when trees are felled. When you remove trees from your property, they leave unsightly stumps behind. Stump removal is required to ensure the tree is removed completely. This job is generally handled by arborists and heavy-duty machinery is used in the work.


Many people wonder whether it’s really important to remove the portion of the tree that’s left protruding from the ground after a removal. The fact is there are a number of reasons why you should get stump removal/grinding done:

1. Stumps affect the appearance of your landscape

One of the primary reasons to remove this is that it isn’t a pretty sight. You take great care to maintain your garden or yard and old stumps protruding from the ground only impact the overall symmetry of the space. Removing these is important in maintaining the overall appearance and value of your property.

2. Tree stumps occupy space

A large stump jutting out of the ground can consume a lot of space in the garden, especially if the latter is more compact in size. Grinding it down a few inches below the ground can make the area more usable. You can install some landscape element in that spot like a water feature, a garden swing for your kids or even a garden bench or flower bed.

3. It is a tripping hazard

A tree stump that’s protruding above the ground can easily become hidden in the grass growing around it. This makes it a tripping hazard. Kids can trip over it and injure themselves severely, as can adults. Removing the stump is one way to avoid these problems.

4. Can lead to regrowth of the tree

When a portion of the tree trunk is left in the ground, it has the potential to regrow. New shoots can sprout from its base. Left to grow, these shoots can grow into individual trees. Removing these shoots at regular intervals can become a time-consuming and expensive task.

5. Pest infestations

Leaving stumps behind in the landscape leads to fungal and pest infestations. The remaining portion of the tree trunk can develop rot which becomes the perfect environment for fungi to grow. Pests such as bugs, termites, ants, and beetles begin to nest and breed in these spots and the infestation can spread to your home. Stump removal helps prevent all these issues.

6. Damages your lawn mower

It can cause serious damage to your lawnmower. If the machine accidentally bumps into the stump while you are mowing the lawn, the equipment can become damaged. Removing this remaining portion of the trunk can save you the expense of getting your mower fixed.

Stump removal is a specialised job and the equipment needs to have strong and durable grinder teeth. Here at Rotatech we have a variety of stump grinder components and related parts. These will provide optimum functionality and ensure you are able to carry out the job efficiently and smoothly. For all your landscaping equipment visit our website.