What is The Best Chainsaw For Logging?

What is The Best Chainsaw For Logging?

The question of Best Chainsaw For Logging can only be answered by first understanding the job of a professional logger. With proper knowledge of the kind of work done by a professional logger or even a professional tree surgeon, we can then be able to deduce the type of chainsaw that will fit such jobs. In this article, we’ll be describing the type of chainsaw required by a professional logger while also explaining the kind of jobs that professional loggers do.

Types Of Jobs Professional Loggers Do

Many professional loggers carry out their jobs or logging work in tough and rugged environments. Their job involves cutting down trees, processing them, and finally transporting them to factories for further processing. 

Professional loggers work together in teams and are responsible for harvesting thousands of acres of forests each year. Every professional logger belong to a crew consisting of equipment operators, one or more buckers, and tree fallers. The crew sometimes includes choking settlers to make the operation a lot smoother.


The jobs of professional loggers include:

  • Felling trees
  • Fastening logs for easy transportation on tractors
  • The operation, inspection, and maintenance of all machinery to ensure safety
  • Grading and selection of logs according to wood type and tree species

Chainsaws For Professional Loggers 

After going through the type of jobs carried out by professional loggers, it is safe to say that these professionals do not use just any type of chainsaws. Instead, professional loggers rely on the use of chainsaws with certain specifications that allow them to carry out their jobs with ease. For a chainsaw to be certified for use by a professional logger, it must have a high level of productivity, durability, power, and an optimum performance level. Chainsaws of this level are manufactured mainly for professionals and are suitable for the strenuous activities and projects that they carry out.

In case log-cutting is on your to-do list, you might want to also consider these chainsaw chains for log cutting

For large projects and strenuous activities, professional loggers rely on gas chainsaws with a relatively high-performance level. This type of chainsaw allows them to conveniently work with ease for long hours. As such, it must feature a powerful engine allowing it to run effectively even in harsh conditions. Also, the chainsaw must be easy to maintain and clean.

What a Professional logger chainsaw looks like 

Even as a professional logger, there is a high chance that you might end up using your chainsaw all through the year. Despite using a professional chainsaw, certain less difficult tasks may require the use of your chainsaw. Some of these activities include tree care, forestry services, and commercial logging. For this reason, you need a chainsaw with lots of features and capabilities. 

Furthermore, if you are looking for the best chainsaw for logging you might also want to consider log splitters which also come in handy when undertaking such tasks. Back to the point, here are a few essentials to consider before buying your next chainsaw for logging.

1. A Balanced Design

One major difference between a professional logger’s chainsaw and other regular chainsaws is the design itself. If you take a look at a professional logger’s chainsaw, you’ll notice that they often have a thinner and lengthier design. Its engine is positioned behind the bar making it balanced and allowing you to hold it evenly for long cutting sessions.

2. A Top Handle

Many professional loggers chainsaws used for commercial activities often feature a top handle. This gives the chainsaws a compact feel compared to other chainsaw models with rear handles. The top handle design makes these chainsaws great for cutting tree limbs and branches, especially at a downward angle.

3. Size Of The Chainsaw 

Since professional logger chainsaws are used for long hours of cutting, they feature an ergonomic design to provide comfort for the hands. Professional chainsaws are lightweight and feature a seemingly low vibration level. So, in terms of size, a 50cc gas engine is the starting size for a professional chainsaw.

4. Bar Length Of The Chainsaw

The bar lengths of a chainsaw determine the speed and depth that the chainsaw can cut. The bar length of a chainsaw has to be at least 2 inches longer than the wood you plan on cutting. Therefore, professional loggers need chainsaws of 18 to 24 inches for regular workloads and 30 to 36 inches for greater workloads.

What chainsaw do you currently use for logging and why? Let us know your thoughts below. Alternatively, you can also view our next article on Why Does My Chainsaw Get Dull So Fast?