The chains of a Chainsaw, like other cutting tools, often tend to get blunt after a long time of continuous use. Using a blunt chainsaw reduces its effectiveness and can be quite frustrating to the user. For this reason, many manufacturers encourage chainsaw owners to often sharpen their chainsaws after a few months. To further answer your question of It is worth sharpening a chainsaw, we’ll be explaining the reasons why you should sharpen your chainsaw as well as methods for effective sharpening. Furthermore, if you are thinking of improving the efficiency of your chainsaw, you might also want to ensure your chainsaw is lubricated with good-quality chainsaw oil.

Reasons why you need to sharpen your chainsaw 

1. Efficient Chainsaw performance 

Just as we mentioned earlier, proper sharpening of your chainsaw allows the chain to cut through wood more efficiently. In other words, taking out time to sharpen the chain of your chainsaw improves its overall performance. When your chainsaw is well sharpened, there’ll be little or no need for you to use or exert extra effort when cutting through wood or branches. 

With a dull chainsaw, on the other hand, the user will need to exert so much energy. In most cases, the user tends to lean in while applying pressure which can be very dangerous. A slight slip or kickback while leaning in can result in the loss of a limb.

2. Increases Chainsaw Durability

This might seem a little far-fetched to you at first, but if you take your time to think about it, sharpening your chainsaw increases its durability. Using a dull chainsaw to cut through wood causes you to apply much pressure on it which can damage the rotor. By sharpening the chainsaw, you reduce the pressure applied which in turn prevents damage to the rotor or the chainsaw motor.

3. It Saves Money

There are so many ways by which sharpening your chainsaw can help you to save a lot of money. Firstly, if you happen to use a gas-powered chainsaw, having a dull blade increases the workload of the chainsaw which in turn increases its gas consumption. Sharpening your chainsaw makes your chainsaw more effective, making you less likely to consume less gas which in turn saves you money.

Secondly, sharpening your chainsaw saves you the cost of extra maintenance as well as Parton full replacement of your chainsaw. Like we mentioned earlier, using a blunt chainsaw may damage the blade, rotor, or even the entire chainsaw. This attracts extra costs of repairing, maintaining or replacing your chainsaw. 

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Methods for sharpening your chainsaw

After giving you the reasons why you need to sharpen your chainsaw, it is only proper for us to also offer ways to sharpen your chainsaw. There are many different methods and tools used by owners for sharpening a chainsaw. However, we’ll be listing the three easy ways you can employ to sharpen your chainsaw.

1. One-Way Motor

A one-way motor is a sharpening tool used by professional chainsaw handlers and even manufacturers. It is one of the most efficient ways to sharpen a chainsaw

2. Handheld Sharpeners

The handheld sharpeners are used by almost every chainsaw owner across the world. The tool is handy and pretty straightforward to use.

3. Bar Mounted Sharpeners

This chainsaw sharpening tool is mostly used in industrial environments for the fast sharpening of a chainsaw. It is very effective as it sharpens chainsaws in a matter of minutes.

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