How to Choose the Best Chainsaw Oil?

Finding the best chainsaw oil can be tricky for many, with many options available today, the best oil can depend on many things. Chainsaw oil is an essential component of your maintenance routine. It keeps the chain in a good shape, helps reduce friction through lubrication, and ensures the chain and bar work well.

This oil actively maintains and helps reduce wear in your tools while they are cutting. Without it, a saw will become damaged and you will have to replace chains often. These oils are specifically formulated and aren’t like other types of machine or motor oils available today. These are a blend of refined mineral oils with oxidation inhibitors, anti-wear properties, and high-tack additive to ensure they minimise wear and stick to the bar.

Factors to consider

There are many factors to consider while buying the best chainsaw oil and a lot depends on your particular work environment. Before we look into the best chainsaw oil options available with us at Rotatech, let’s consider what factors you should look at:

  • Work Type – Professionals spend hours cutting wood and clearing areas, which means their tools goes through a lot of oil. It’s important to consider how much product you use every day. This will help you choose a type a lubricant that works best for your requirements and budget. Bear in mind that this is a recurring purchase so you will need to buy oil frequently throughout your career.
  • Efficiency – Make sure the engine oil lubricates efficiently, prevents plug fouling and doesn’t form any clumps. The oil shouldn’t cause obstruction or leave behind too much residue, which can damage the chainsaw or force you to replace the chains.
  • Summer or Winter Oil – Summer and winter oils have a different consistency but offer similar protections. These are used during different seasons because oils are sensitive to changing temperatures. Summer oils are thicker and adhere to the blade well. If the oil isn’t thick enough, the high temperature might cause it to fly off the blade during operation. Winter oils are much thinner and move along the bar easily during colder weather.
  • Manufacturer Recommendations – Manufacturers of different chainsaws provide detailed instructions manuals regarding the care and maintenance of these tools. They will recommend specific oil formulations, combinations, or blends for different working conditions or uses. If you have already discarded the user manual, it’s easy to find information on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Budget – The cost is an important factor to consider because you need to purchase oil for as long as you use the blade. The recurring expense has an impact on your bottom line, which is why it’s a good idea to choose an affordable but effective product.

These oils contain harmful chemicals and toxic substances so make sure they don’t come in contact with your skin. Always wear protective gloves and eye protection when handling these substances.

The Best Chainsaw Oils

Rotatech has a wide range of carefully formulated chainsaw oils so you can find what you need easily. Every oil on the list has proven to be effective in real life conditions and is used by professionals regularly. Here are some of the best oils available today:

1. Rotatech Chainsaw Oil

This oil is specifically formulated to protect chainsaw chains and cutter bars. It is thick, viscous, and tacky, which means the solution adheres well to the tool and is great for outdoor use during summer. The oil is designed to lubricate and protect the chain/bar, making sure professionals don’t need to replace these components too often. The solution also has anti-fling properties, so your cutting work will be clean and seamless.

Rotatech is very popular with professionals because this carefully-formulated blend is very efficient. The high-quality oil is also very affordable at 25 liters only costing around £33.00 (at a discounted rate). You get a good quality you need at a reasonable price and don’t need to stock up too often. The oil is trusted by thousands of professionals and delivers consistent performance. Click to buy Rotatech Oil

2. Super Sexy Chainsaw Oil

This product is ideal for pump-fed chainsaws and is formulated to protect moving components. The oil is also vicious and tacky, which means it clings to the chain well and doesn’t fly off in adverse outdoor conditions. This blend coats the bar evenly so your chain keeps working well for long hours.

Many professionals have used it in real life conditions and are satisfied with the results. The oil is of good quality, which means it doesn’t cause any damage to the tool during cutting. It is also quite affordable, costing around £33.00 for 25 liters. We have received good feedback on this product so you can trust its quality. Click here to buy Super Sexy Chainsaw Oil

3. Rotatech Bio-Degradable Chainsaw Oil

This is an eco-friendly, 90% biodegradable oil designed for pump-fed saws. It is thick, viscous, and provides superior lubrication for higher temperatures. It has proven to perform well in all kinds of cutting conditions and is a favourite of many professionals. It is available in four different size options so you can buy 1-litre packets for £5.39 (including VAT) up to 205-litre drums for £455.99 (including VAT).

The quality, performance, and affordability make this a great oil for professional arborists and other wood cutting experts that use chainsaws or cutter bars.

4. Stihl 2 Stroke Chainsaw Oil

This is a top selling chainsaw oil for 2-stroke Stihl machines. It is specifically developed for the company’s products and customers are encouraged to use this oil on machines under warranty. Stihl products are known for their excellent quality and this chainsaw oil is no exception. It performs well under difficult conditions and is reliable. Click here to view all Stihl chainsaw oils.

Stihl oils are a little more expensive than the two options mentioned above. A five-litre bottle costs £30.67 including VAT, which can have an impact on your budget. If cost isn’t a concern, this is a good oil for 2-stroke tools.

Best Chainsaw Oil Information

If you want more information on chainsaw oils or have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Rotatech. Our experts will recommend the best options so you can make the best choice. Alternatively, you can share and comment your opinion below.