Our team of skilled engineers will regrind your blunt Wood Chipper Blades in house to the correct Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications, ensuring full compatibility with your machine. We grind in pairs to maintain the consistency of wear.

All sizes, makes & models of Wood Chipper Blades can be re-sharpened here at Rotatech.

fast turn-around, Professional re-sharpening service
From £5.00
At Rotatech we offer a professional grinding service to give your blades a fresh new edge of life to maintain peak performance in your machine and to get the most out of your sets.
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Timberwolf 35/125/150
From £10 per pair
Timberwolf 190/230/240/280/300
From £20 per pair
Jensen A521/528/530/540
from £15 per pair
Greenmech Discs
from £5 per disc

How Often Should I Sharpen Wood Chipper Blades?

It is recommended that your blades are sharpened every 20-25 hours of use, or at least once a year. Properly maintaining your wood chipper blades will prolong the life of your machine by reducing the strain caused by blunted blades, which can also cost you more to run, as the energy required to run a blunt chipper is significantly more than that of one with a well maintained blade.

How Do I Know if My Wood Chipper Blades Need Sharpening?

Typically, you will notice the quality of the wood chips produced by your machine to be irregular in size. Your wood chipper will also likely take longer to perform regular functions than usual.

All prices shown exclude VAT and return shipping costs. Customer is responsible for organising delivery to 12 Parkway Close, Sheffield, S9 4WJ. Must keep proof of postage and deliveries should be tracked and insured in the event that the blades are lost in transit. Return shipping will be a tracked and insured service provided by us at a cost of £5.50+VAT.