Stump Grinder Teeth to fit Praxis

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manufactures high-performance stump grinder teeth to fit Praxis stump grinders. Each tooth is engineered with care and precision to give it the qualities needed to remove large tree stumps. stump teeth are designed to have reinforced strength which makes them incredibly efficient at cutting up tough stumps, this strength optimises the grinder’s efficiency and actually reduces the amount of power required. We have vacuum brazed each tooth to give it an extended lifespan so it requires less overall maintenance. This is handy for you as it is cost-efficient and reduces the downtime of the machine. stump grinder parts are commonly used by professionals in the arboriculture and forestry industry. Mainly because they are the best quality parts available at affordable prices. strives to create high-quality stump grinder teeth and parts that will optimise the output stump grinder systems. We make sure every part has the durability and toughness required so you can start grinding stump more efficiently. We stock a range of parts to Praxis stump grinders so browse our shop and order some quality stump teeth available at fantastic prices.