The key to achieving the best cutting results is to maintain your chainsaw properly. premium chainsaw oil acts as a lubricant that keeps your saw performing smoothly and efficiently. This works by lubricating the chainsaw’s chain, guide bar and sprocket which reduces the friction between them and also increases life expectancy. They also prevent your saw from jamming and overheating while in use. chainsaw oil is made from high-grade virgin based oils with a high viscosity that prevents it from flinging off the saw when in use. is the perfect solution to maintain the high performance of your chainsaw. There are 3 variants of chainsaw oil: Standard, Biodegradable and 2 Stroke. biodegradable chainsaw oil improves product stability, pump ability at low temperatures and has less consumption. 2 stroke oil can be used to lubricate 2 stroke engine chainsaws after they are mixed with petrol. All oils are made to protect and optimise the output of your chainsaw so you can work more productively. We have a variety of oil sizes available, ranging from 1L to 1000L. lubricants are one of the most popular chainsaw oils on the market and they are used and recommended by many professionals in the horticultural, agricultural and arboricultural industries.