Chainsaw Files

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Rotatech chainsaw files are manufactured and designed to remove material faster, last for longer, and provide a smooth cut. These files can be used to sharpen old, worn chains and resharpen them into brand new ones. It is important to maintain your chainsaw chain otherwise the chain will become blunt and this will decrease the efficiency of the saw. Rotatech chainsaw files are designed with a file gauge and our sharpening kits offer a simple yet effective way to sharpen your chains. Our sharpening kits give you the option of setting the cutting angle and holding it in place using a twist-fit clamping mechanism. This means the sharpener is maintained at the correct angle while you focus on sharpening the chain. Rotatech files are easy to use and are the most cost-effective chainsaw files on the market. Rotatech files are commonly used by professional arborists, tree surgeons and other chainsaw users.