Chainsaw Files

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Chainsaw Files

Rotatech chainsaw files are designed to remove material faster and last for longer whilst providing a smooth cut. Use them on your old, worn chains to resharpen them to be as good as new.

It is essential that you consistently maintain your chainsaw chain. Otherwise, it will become blunt and decrease the efficiency of the saw. Because of this, we offer a variety of products for your sharpening needs including round and flat file models.

The sharpening kits we provide, offer a cheap, simple and effective way to maintain your chainsaw. 

With our chainsaw files, you can adjust the cutting angle and keep it firmly in place. It works using a twist-fit clamping mechanism, that ensures the sharpener maintains the correct angle whilst you focus on sharpening the chain. 

Cost-effective solution for sharpening chainsaw chains

Rotatech files are easy to use and are the most cost-effective chainsaw files on the market today. Rotatech branded files are also used and recommended by professional arborists, tree surgeons and other chainsaw users.

We provide both flat files and rounded files in our extensive sharpener range. 

Our range of flat files comes in packs of 10 and are 6 inches in size and help you to get the best cutting angle. Rounded files come in a range of sizes and are available in packs of 3 or 10. You should also consider a file holder to make handling the file easier and more precise.

No matter what make or model your chainsaw is, our chainsaw files will get the job done. To save you money on your maintenance costs whilst providing you with a sharp chainsaw ready for any task.

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