Chainsaw Chain Reels

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Chainsaw Chain Reels

If you prefer making up chains yourself, then we have you covered with our expansive range of chainsaw chain reels. Featuring 100ft high-quality chainsaw chains, the Rotatech brand is one of the best on the market.

The chainsaw chain reels we stock are of the same quality and durability as the other premium chainsaw chains we stock. They ensure your chainsaw performs efficiently whilst maintaining its durability throughout its working life. Chain reels can be stored easily and made into chains to fit the size of the guide bar. 

We recommend our chain reels to professional arborists, tree surgeons and other chainsaw users who maintain a large collection of chainsaws. 

Stock up on Chain

Our chainsaw chain reels are ideal for people who want to stock up on chains. Buying them in reels means you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs in the future. 

Rotatech chainsaw chain reels have outstanding sharpness and reliability. They are high-performance, reinforced chains manufactured from high-grade steel, designed to increase the productivity of your chainsaw’s cutting ability. 

We have a range of Rotatech chain reels available, please choose the pitch, gauge and cutter type you require, and we will have a chain reel ready to go for you.