What size files do I need for my chainsaw?

Many professional tree surgeons and arborist use chainsaw files to sharpen chains. A well-maintained chain will enable you to work for longer hours without getting tired fast. A well-sharpened chain will also efficiently cut deep into the wood. It is also important to have a sharp chain as this will reduce unnecessary strain, improve safety and decrease chances of kickbacks, which might potentially lead to accidents.

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For many, chain sharpening is something that is done quite often. Whether you sharpen chains on a regular basis or require more information, you will find the guide below very useful.  If you already use Rotatech chains, we would strongly recommend you use these files.

How to identify your chainsaw file

#Step 1

Identify the pitch, gauge or Item Number

#Step 2

Use the chart below to Identify your file size

#Step 3

Pick how many you would like to order, we offer chainsaw files in packs of 3’s and 12’s

Chainsaw files size chart

PitchGaugeItem No.File SizeSharpening AngleFile PositionDepth Gauge
1/4″.050″/   1.3mmE1, E1T5/32″   4.0mm30°10°.025″/   .65mm
3/8″LP.043″/   1.1mmAO, AOFT11/64″   4.5mm30°.025″/   .65mm
 .050″/   1.3mmA1,A1FT5/32″   4.0mm30°.025″/   .65mm
.325.050″/   1.3mm .058″/ 1.5mmB1,B2, B3   B1FT3/16″   4.8mm30°10°.022″/   .55mm
3/8″.050″/   1.3mm .058″/ 1.5mmC1,C2,C3,   C2FT, C3FT7/32″   5.5mm30°10°.022″/   .55mm
 .063″/   1.6mmC1S, C2S   C2SFT, C3SFT7/32″   5.5mm28°10°.022″/   .55mm
.404″.063″/   1.6mmD3A, D3R7/32″   5.5mm30°10°.030″/   .75mm
 .080″/   2.0mmD47/32″   5.5mm30°10°.050″/   .75mm

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