Class 1 vs Class 2 Chainsaw Boots

Working with a chainsaw is extremely risky. There is always a chance of injury, even to the most skilled and experienced professionals who use this equipment. That’s why it’s essential to wear protective gear and clothing such as trousers, gloves, and chainsaw boots. There are a number of options available on the market and it’s important to choose something that fits your requirements and the nature of your work. Professionals are often torn between Class 1 and Class 2 chainsaw boots and don’t always know which one is most suitable for them.

What are Class 1 Chainsaw Boots?

Pfanner Matterhorn Class 1 Chainsaw Boots

Class 1 is the lowest allowable safety protection provided by chainsaw boots. These boots have a steel cap covering the toes to ensure the running blade doesn’t penetrate the shoe and harm the feet. Class 1 boots are designed to withstand 20m/s speed chainsaw blades. It’s important to check the technical specifications of the chainsaw you work with regularly before you purchase these boots. If the chainsaw speed is 20m/s or lower, these boots are suitable and will provide adequate protection.

What are Class 2 Chainsaw Boots?

Arbortec Scafell Lite Class 2 Chainsaw Boots

Class 2 chainsaw boots also feature steel caps over the toes and are designed using extremely resilient materials. They provide a higher level of protection than regular boots and Class 1 boots. The Class 2 boots can withstand chainsaw blades running at 24m/s. The metal protection offers a higher level of support compared Class 1 boots, ensuring the higher saw power doesn’t penetrate the boots. Many professionals opt for the safer option to purchase boots with higher ratings even when using a slower saw.

What are Class 3 Chainsaw Boots?

Haix Protector Alpin Class 3 Chainsaw Boots

If the chainsaw speed exceeds 24m/s, you should consider Class 3 boots. These can withstand the cutting power of a 28m/s saw and provide superior protection. These boots incorporate tough soles to provide excellent grip, which is perfect for all kind of arboreal and wood cutting work. These class rating will be mentioned right alongside the Safety Standard Rating and it’s a good idea to consider that factor during the purchase as well.

Why do you need chainsaw safety boots?

A good pair of chainsaw safety boots provide a considerable amount of protection from accidental slips and cuts. Here are some reasons why you need these boots when you work with chainsaws:

  • They protect the feet from flying debris and wood chips. These pieces of debris fly at high speeds and can be very sharp so they can penetrate regular boots easily. Chainsaw safety boots will offer protection against it.
  • Both Class 1 and Class 2 chainsaw boots will protect you from accidental slips. Even if the running chainsaw comes in contact with the boot, your foot will be safe.
  • Chainsaw boots have thick and tough soles and offer a good grip, meaning they are great for walking through woods and forests and protect your feet from sharp stones, thorns, twigs, and insect bites.

Chainsaw Boots at Northern Arb Supplies

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