Chainsaw Oil Frequently Asked Questions

RotaTech answers your questions regarding chainsaw oils. Is Chainsaw Oil the Same as Regular Oil? Chainsaw oil is specially formulated with mineral-based additives that provide lubrication and protection against rust and wear, making them more suitable for chainsaw bars than traditional oils used domestically, such as motor or vegetable oils. The viscosity of chainsaw lubricating […]

Our Guide to Wood Chippers and How to Sharpen Wood Chipper Blades

Wood chipper blades sat on a pile of wood chippings

Do you need to clean up excess waste after gardening and excavation projects? Then a wood chipper for tidying and disposing of garden waste is the perfect solution. Wood chippers are used by many arborists, gardeners and tree surgeons. But what is the correct way to use a wood chipper, and what is the best […]

How To Use and Sharpen Stump Grinder Teeth: Our Guide To Stump Grinders

image of a tree stump at dawn

There are many reasons why people cut down trees. They could be a nuisance, dead, or simply unwanted. However, whenever you cut a tree down you are always left with the stump. Tree stumps can be a real eyesore as well and are difficult to remove without the right equipment. Many arborists, landscapers and tree […]